Owner: Todd Mitchell (Owner)

Dog Lover

Navy Veteran 1986-1990

Western Illinois University 

Been with R&M since: 1995

Rides: 2013 Trek Domane team issue, 2017 SANTA CRUZ 5010 CARBON, Standard 125r Cruiser, 1979 champion 3 bar cruiser

Collector of old school BMX bikes 


Employee: Adam Berkley (Manager)

Been with R&M since: 2007 


Rides: Havoc HellFire BMX custom built, GT Pantera Elite,

 has a collection of midschool BMX bikes.


Employee: Nik Smith and his dog Skip (RIP)

Been with R&M since: ???? lost track 

Offical shop "old man"

Rides: Easy Racer Gold Rush 20+ years old.

Has logged over 25 thousand miles in Washington Park

Skip has logged in over 100 miles walking in Washington park and made several friends

Author of world famous book "The Ediot"