Comfort Hybrid

A Variation of the hybrid is a comfort hybrid. This style incorporates suspension in the seat post and front fork on most models. Most of these bikes have a more up right position then a road or mountain bike. 

Cannondale, Trek, Schwinn, Electra 




Hybrid bicycles blend characteristics of both road bike and mountain bikes. These bike are a multi purpose bike that is good for riding a wide range of riding conditions. One of our most popular bikes allowing you to ride and be fast but also be comfortable.


Cannonale, Trek, Schwinn, GT


Road bike 

Road Bikes are bikes build for speed and distance. If you are looking to do some miles and in a hurry these are the bikes.

Cannondale, Trek


Mounatin bike 

Mountain bikes are purpose built to ride off road over dirt rocks and ruff terrian. Most mountain bikes have front suspension, some have front and rear. 


Cannondale, Trek, Schwinn, GT, Santa Cruz



Recumbent bicycles are bikes that place the rider in a laid back riding postion. Most recumbent riders choose this type of design for ergonomic reason. The riders weight is distrubuted comfortably over a larger area, and more support the back 


Terra Trike, Miami Sun




BMX bicycles used for both racing and Freestyle riding, frames can come in both aluminum mainly for racing and steel for freestyle 


DK, GT, SE, Chase, Redline, Supercross , Stay Strong, Standard BykesWe The People , Stolen bikes